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Interabang Books in Dallas came to us with a unique challenge. The store’s layout poses some wayfinding challenges in that a large feature wall essentially divides the store into two parts with two separate vibes. The front of the store is a massive, open concept with long, seemingly endless shelves. The back has an intimate, library feel with a kids section hidden back in the corner. The solution is a hierarchy of signage elements¬† – large vinyl lettering establishes the overall layout of the store as customers walk in while smaller signage elements get more and more granular in identifying sections.

The Kids section got it’s own special treatment including more playful lettering, iconography and custom labels.

The new signage was installed just in time for the store’s first birthday celebration. We developed a clever logo for the event which was used on cakes and other ephemera.

Our work with Interabang has expanded to include revising identity systems as well as advertisements.

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